Should An Intro or Conclusion Be a Certain Length?

  • žThe length of both the introduction and conclusion should be proportionate to the length of the entire paper. ž
  • žThere is no fixed length, but as a general rule of thumb, one might devote one paragraph to each in a short essay and up to several paragraphs in longer research papers. 

Take the entire project into consideration when writing your introduction. If your paper is only going to be one page, or a few pages, there is not much space given for the body of your paper. You will not be presenting exhausting amounts of information, and your paper is either going to be very specific or somewhat general. The introduction to a short paper should only be one paragraph, perhaps two if necessary.

In a twenty-plus page paper, the introduction may need to be longer than two paragraphs. The evidence being put forth in a long paper is usually very specific, amounting to a larger argument that requires a nuanced, or detailed, explanation. The reader may need the different aspects of the argument laid out and that may require more paragraphs to accomplish in a longer paper.


Writing An Introduction

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